Le Masurier – A personal approach to philanthropy

Building on its giving philosophy since 1835, in 2017 Le Masurier developed a robust CSR Strategy providing a structure to its philanthropic activity. People, Planet, Partner (P3) encompasses the Le Masurier focus to its social impact helping people the company comes in to contact with. Le Masurier’s CSR strategy enhances how the company works with partners, clients and staff to maximise working with likeminded individuals and companies for the benefit of others. Le Masurier continues to attract enthusiastic, talented partners and employees who value its initiatives and philosophies.

Le Masurier have been very active in supporting community initiatives and many charities since being founded in 1835. Le Masurier does not look to use CSR to raise awareness however aligns its cause related activity with its business objectives and core competencies in order to maximise its efforts. Everything Le Masurier supports is personal to the team. A great example of this is the ongoing support given to The Red Cross as the Clarke family remember The Vega arriving in Jersey in 1944 with its life saving Red Cross parcels for Islanders. Le Masurier continue its support of this amazing charity still saving lives today.