Jersey Women’s Refuge 2020 awareness campaign

Jersey Women’s Refuge have launched a new awareness campaign reminding Islanders of the vital service this small but impactful charity provides to the Jersey community and a specific Hints and Tips campaign for families in lockdown.

Covid 19 Jersey Women’s Refuge SAFE SELF Campaign

As part of the No! Refuse Abuse Campaign Jersey Women’s Refuge have created a ‘hints and tips’ for anyone not feeling safe whilst having to stay at home during the Covid 19 crisis. This can be found at and will be promoted on all social media platforms.

Sponsored by Le Masurier, phase one of the No! Refuse Abuse! Campaign was launched at the charities International Women’s Day annual breakfast in March, Phase two will be implemented in October when the charity host their inaugural Thought Leadership Event ’Tackling Coercive Control’ with eminent Human Rights Lawyer, Harriet Wistrich, Founding Director,

The idea of the campaign is to empower Islanders to pick up the phone to the team at Jersey Women’s Refuge if they ever find themselves in a place where they need either to stay at the Refuge or the use of the charities unique Outreach Programme and remind Islanders the Jersey Women’s Refuge is here for every woman and child in Jersey should they find themselves in need.

The whole campaign has been kindly sponsored by Le Masurier as part of their CSR strategy, People, Partner, Planet.

‘When we heard about this clever campaign we felt we simply had to support it and very much hope it will achieve its objective of reminding everyone of the vital service Jersey Women’s Refuge provide local families whether needing to use the Refuge itself or benefit from the Outreach Services provided. As we navigate our way through the unchartered waters we currently find ourselves in due to Covid 19, we take comfort knowing we have helped promote these vital services to Islanders,’ commented Brian McCarthy, MD, Le Masurier

Using the play on words ‘Refuse’ as in rubbish and ‘Refuse’ as in not letting something happen, the Jersey Women’s Refuge team also partnered with Mark Bingle at MBM services who donated their newest Refuse Collection Vehicle to join their fleet with Le Masurier sponsoring the signage to promote this very important message. For phase two, the team will work with Jason Turner, CEO and Victoria Trehorel of the Parish of St Helier to ensure every bin in town has this message on but in the meantime the campaign is being placed in public toilets thanks to the fantastic team at POSH.

‘The Jersey Women’s Refuge was founded in 1988, with support from Soroptimist International Jersey, to provide a safe place for women and children to go who are victims of domestic abuse,’ explained Ben Robins, Chairman, Jersey Women’s Refuge. ‘As the only independent domestic violence charity in Jersey, the Women’s Refuge provides a 24 hour, confidential service, which offers practical and emotional support to women and children suffering from abuse. We felt it was very important to remind everyone of the vital services Jersey Women’s Refuge offers Islanders in a creative way we hope everyone can support.’

Islanders are being invited to support this campaign whilst self isolating by taking a selfie with the word NO written on their palm and posting on social media to remind everyone there is help available and no one should ever be made to feel rubbish! Please post your photo and tag @jerseywomensrefuge #refuseabuse

‘It is a privilege to be able to support this fantastic charity with the work they do. Not always top of everyone’s list so we are delighted to offer our vehicle to help this fantastic local charity. We were delighted to partner with Le Masurier generously covering the significant cost of branding our vehicle as part of their sponsorship. We hope everyone takes up the invitation to take a selfie and support this campaign. Nobody should ever be made to feel rubbish!’ Mark Bingle, MD, MBM Services.

For further information please contact Jersey Women’s Refuge