Le Masurier engages with local charities and organisations, forming partnerships to make lives better.

CSR; to us it’s more than just letters.


Our people strategy has a two way focus:
1. Aiding in the case of those who have suffered life changing conditions and supporting families of those affected. 2. Encouraging the Island’s young people to realise their potential through art, sport and competition whilst providing the Le Masurier network to help link them to potential future careers in finance, construction, architecture, engineering to name a few.


Protecting what we can when it comes to our environment, Le Masurier seeks to care for the Planet through the application of sustainable measures considering every day work practises through to constructing sustainable buildings. The Le Masurier strategy looks to galvanise the Le Masurier business network to support our goals.


As part of its CSR strategy Le Masurier partner with Not for Profit organisations to understand their needs and develop creative campaigns to help them measurably achieve their goals and funding objectives.

Jersey Women’s Refuge

Jersey Women’s Refuge have launched a new awareness campaign reminding Islanders of the vital service this small but impactful charity provides to the Jersey community and a specific Hints and Tips campaign for families in lockdown.

Covid 19 Jersey Women’s Refuge SAFE SELF Campaign

In March 2019, as part of the No! Refuse Abuse Campaign, Jersey Women’s Refuge created a ‘hints and tips’ for anyone not feeling safe whilst having to stay at home during the Covid 19 crisis. This can be found at www.jerseywomensrefuge.org and will be promoted on all social media platforms.

Sponsored by Le Masurier, phase one of the No! Refuse Abuse! Campaign was launched at the charities International Women’s Day annual breakfast in March, Phase two will be implemented in October when the charity host their inaugural Thought Leadership Event ’Tackling Coercive Control’ with eminent Human Rights Lawyer, Harriet Wistrich, Founding Director, www.centreforwomensjustice.org.uk

The idea of the campaign is to empower Islanders to pick up the phone to the team at Jersey Women’s Refuge if they ever find themselves in a place where they need either to stay at the Refuge or the use of the charities unique Outreach Programme and remind Islanders the Jersey Women’s Refuge is here for every woman and child in Jersey should they find themselves in need.

The whole campaign has been kindly sponsored by Le Masurier as part of their CSR strategy, People, Partner, Planet.

‘When we heard about this clever campaign we felt we simply had to support it and very much hope it will achieve its objective of reminding everyone of the vital service Jersey Women’s Refuge provide local families whether needing to use the Refuge itself or benefit from the Outreach Services provided. As we navigate our way through the unchartered waters we currently find ourselves in due to Covid 19, we take comfort knowing we have helped promote these vital services to Islanders,’ commented Brian McCarthy, MD, Le Masurier

Using the play on words ‘Refuse’ as in rubbish and ‘Refuse ‘ as in not letting something happen, the Jersey Women’s Refuge team also partnered with Mark Bingle at MBM services who donated their newest Refuse Collection Vehicle to join their fleet with Le Masurier sponsoring the signage to promote this very important message. For phase two, the team will work with Jason Turner, CEO and Victoria Trehorel of the Parish of St Helier to ensure every bin in town has this message on but in the meantime the campaign is being placed in public toilets thanks to the fantastic team at POSH.

‘The Jersey Women’s Refuge was founded in 1988, with support from Soroptimist International Jersey, to provide a safe place for women and children to go who are victims of domestic abuse,’ explained Ben Robins, Chairman, Jersey Women’s Refuge. ‘As the only independent domestic violence charity in Jersey, the Women’s Refuge provides a 24 hour, confidential service, which offers practical and emotional support to women and children suffering from abuse. We felt it was very important to remind everyone of the vital services Jersey Women’s Refuge offers Islanders in a creative way we hope everyone can support.’

Islanders are being invited to support this campaign whilst self isolating by taking a selfie with the word NO written on their palm and posting on social media to remind everyone there is help available and no one should ever be made to feel rubbish! Please post your photo and tag @jerseywomensrefuge #refuseabuse

‘It is a privilege to be able to support this fantastic charity with the work they do. Not always top of everyone’s list so we are delighted to offer our vehicle to help this fantastic local charity. We were delighted to partner with Le Masurier generously covering the significant cost of branding our vehicle as part of their sponsorship. We hope everyone takes up the invitation to take a selfie and support this campaign. Nobody should ever be made to feel rubbish!’ Mark Bingle, MD, MBM Services.

For further information please contact Jersey Women’s Refuge

Phase two was launched in October 2020 with phase three continuing throughout 2021 and 2022 helping JWR get its message to those that most need its vital services.

Le Masurier are delighted to support JWR’s latest fund raising initiative The 21K Club and will be hosting a table at the forthcoming International Women’s Day Breakfast on 8th March 2022 at Grand Hotel.

The Le Masurier team were humbled to attend the very thought provoking Jersey Women’s Refuge, International Women’s Day event this morning, Breaking the Silence. An incredibly brave survivor story and great to see JWR partner with Victoria College to proactively tackle and educate the next generation, truly inspiring.

Having sponsored the #refuseabuse campaign for JWR we are delighted to continue our support as the inaugural corporate member of the JWR’s 21K Club https://jerseywomensrefuge.org/21kclub/

Macmillan Jersey

From diagnosis and beyond, Macmillan Jersey help people affected by cancer to find their best way through. They listen about how people are feeling, without any time constraints. At The Oasis they have Macmillan professionals and trained volunteers on hand to help and cope with the challenges a diagnosis may bring.

Support: Raising awareness

Le Masurier is working with Macmillan Jersey to support a local awareness campaign to ensure everyone in Jersey affected by cancer knows about the services of Macmillan Jersey and its cancer support and wellbeing centre, The Oasis, where you can access emotional support, group support, complementary therapies and practical information.

With help from Jersey Rocks, the latest branch of Macmillan Jersey’s ‘From diagnosis and beyond…’ campaign, sponsored by Le Masurier, has been launched.

#THEOASIS : just a stone’s throw away highlights how close those who are affected by cancer are to finding support.
“Small stones, sourced from her own collection and decorated very kindly by Lisa from Jersey Rocks, will be hidden around the Island”, said Michelle Parker, Macmillan Jersey’s Communications and Events Manager. “We are hoping that anyone who is lucky enough to find one will follow us on Facebook, take a photo of the stone and let us know where they found it, and hide it again somewhere that they consider to be their Oasis.”

The ‘From diagnosis and beyond…’ campaign began earlier this year, with advertising for the charity appearing at the airport, the town Clock Tower, roadside banners and across social media. It is hoped that this campaign will make even more Islanders aware that support is available from the moment a cancer diagnosis is given, right through treatment and beyond. It is also important to remember that the services at Macmillan Jersey are also available for those supporting someone with a cancer diagnosis and not just the patient.

“Encouraged by the incredible feedback from the ‘From diagnosis and beyond…’ campaign, #THEOASIS : just a stone’s throw away is the latest awareness tool as part of the wider campaign to help remind people in Jersey of the outstanding service available at The Oasis from the incredible team at Macmillan Jersey,’ commented Brian McCarthy, MD, Le Masurier. “We hope ALL AGES enjoy finding these rocks and re-hiding them.” 

“Please do remember we must protect ‘our rock’ so stones must not be taken from our beautiful beaches, as ‘protecting what we can’ is very important to our valued sponsor Le Masurier and the team here at Macmillan Jersey.” Michelle added.

As part of the ‘From diagnosis and beyond’ campaign, Le Masurier have been delighted to support Macmillan Jersey with the Cancer at Work event. The focus is on getting the right information to employers and HR Managers. There is support that covers current legislation, prevention and local charities.

Many businesses were keen to understand the complexities of this topic and how to assist when staff return to work after any treatment.

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas was a competition created by Le Masurier in partnership with the JCG Foundation. Schools and students had a chance to win a total of £3000 and produce three works of art for the new Le Masurier Headquarters.

Support: Funding and promotion

Blank Canvas was conceived when Le Masurier moved to their new head office in Commercial Street. The competition was designed to provide students with a ‘Blank Canvas’ to showcase their work. Three categories were introduced: The Le Masurier Heritage, Le Masurier Today and Le Masurier’s Social Impact.

Fifty students entered from Hautlieu, Highlands, Haute Valle, JCG and Le Rocquier. The entries surpassed all expectations producing stunning work with the winning students and schools receiving cash prizes to continue their passion for art.
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Jersey Alzheimer’s Association

Jersey Alzheimer’s Association is a breakaway from the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK. The aim of this breakaway, was to become a local charity, run by local people, for local people. The charity provides help and support to local people living with dementia and their families in a number of ways.

Event: Recharger day

Le Masurier supports Jersey Alzheimer Association by hosting the Le Masurier Recharger Day now in its second year. This delightful day welcomes carers of family members with dementia to recharge and meet other carers.

Held at the Radisson Blu Hotel guests enjoy treatments, cocktail making, a visit to the Mansell collection, lunch, entertainment, afternoon tea and go home with a luxury goodie bag to share with the person they care for.

Following the success and wonderful feedback received, the second Le Masurier Recharger Day took place on Saturday 13th October. Held again at the Radisson Blu Hotel, guests were welcomed by the JCG Foundation hosts, Le Masurier and Jersey Alzheimers Team for Coffee and Croissants at 9am. Guests then enjoyed pre -booked treatments with 3 local massage and beauty therapists , Barbara, Chloe and Izabela in the Le Masurier Recharger Pop Up Spa, Hair makeovers from Fabriah Salon & Spa, and some enjoyed a VIP trip to the Mansell Museum courtesy of Nigel Mansell and his son, Lee. Returning to the hotel for a cocktail masterclass learning how to make a ‘Le Masurier Mojito’ followed by lunch and a raffle raising £200 for Jersey Alzheimers. Students from Beaulieu, De La Salle, Grouville, JCG and Hautlieu entertained guests before afternoon tea! Beautiful goodie bags were kindly sponsored by Rossboroughs for everyone to take home at 5pm to enjoy with the person they care for.

The event was well received, and Le Masurier we delighted with the feedback received from carers.

After hosting Recharger Day for 3 years in partnership with Dementia Jersey we were delighted to be approached by Carers Jersey to take over the running of Recharger Day and open it out to not just one charity but ten. We gladly handed over the event to Carers Jersey and are thrilled this event goes from strength strength reaching even more carers both now and in the future.

Carers Jersey

Support: funding

Having had the opportunity to meet the team at Carers Jersey, we have agreed to fund a new Ad Campaign both TV and print taking place in Carers Week in June 2022 for Carers Jersey to raise awareness of their existence and encourage more carers of family members to come forward and seek support.

See more at Carers Jersey.

Lady Taverners

Le Masurier support Lady Taverners, Giving Young People a Sporting Chance in Jersey. Their mission is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation.

Support: Raising funds

In 2017 funds were raised to provide Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled with three bespoke sports wheelchairs.

In 2018 with student numbers increasing by 46%, Lady Taverners also funded a much needed state of the art new Mini Bus for Mont A L’Abbe School to ensure all students can get to and from school and take part in their exciting activities every week.

We were delighted to support the Jersey Lady Taverners at Diva Opera held at the beautiful Domaine de Vaux, Jersey in July 2018. Lady Taverners were chosen as Diva’s Gala Charity for 2018 and received £6,000 towards their fund raising for a much needed new minibus (Tav 4) for Mont A L’Abbe School. With student numbers increased by 46%, Tav 4 will ensure all children can travel to school and all their various activities safely and in comfort. Tav 4 will join the fleet of Taverners minibuses and was delivered in December as part of the Lord’s Taverners National Mini Bus Programme!

St Clement Sports Club

St Clement Sports Club is the most southerly located football club in the British Isles. They are a Standard Chartered Community Club fielding five senior mens teams and junior teams in all representative age groups as well as a thriving Mini’s section.

Event: Football Tournament

700 Channel Island Children enjoyed the 2018 and 2019 Le Masurier Mini Football Tournament and Le Masurier Melly World Cup Tournament hosted by St Clement Sports Club.

A fantastic two days of honing skills and playing in their teams culminated in every player receiving a medal and goodie bag with a pair of Le Masurier ‘Protecting what we can’ shin pads. Refreshments were provided for the many parents and coaches.

We are supporting this event into 2022. Due to the pandemic the Mini and Melly Tournaments were cancelled so our funding was put towards new kit for St Clement Junior players. We very much look forward to supporting the Mini and Melly Tournaments that will be taking place one again in 2022.

We have been made aware the emergency funding pot for students that cannot afford to take part in various activity has been significantly depleted over the last two years so we are happy to give this pot a boost to ensure funds are still available for everyone to have a chance of playing football and benefitting from the wealth of experience at St Clement Sport Club.

Jersey Cheshire Home

Jersey Cheshire Home is the only residential facility for physically disabled adults in Jersey. The charity works to provide care and support to those living with a range of disabilities including Parkinson’s and Stroke victims. The Home relies heavily on donations and has been a partner of Le Masurier for numerous fundraising events.

Event: The Big Bake

Le Masurier sponsored this event to raise much needed funds for Jersey Cheshire Home.

The main event took place on October 20th.

Some of the most talented local chefs willingly stepped up to lead the teams. They were allocated a team at random and then they have just 16 hours of training to teach them the skills they need to deliver on the day. They intended to push the boundaries with their chosen theme. They were all in it to win it!

Claire Clark chose the overall winner of The Big Bake 2019. Teams were judged on the execution of the technical baking, taste and presentation.

Sponsored by Le Masurier the event host was Celebrity Chef Brian Turner.

There was also a separate prize for best presentation. Guests will choose their favourite presentation and the team with the highest score will be the winner of this category.

More details can be found on the big bake website live: www.bigbake.je

Event: The Annual Kitchen Inferno (2013-2015)

Le Masurier was inaugural and lead sponsor of the Kitchen Inferno event for three consecutive years, raising over £40,000 for Jersey Cheshire Home. The challenge puts 16 novice chefs head-to-head in 2 teams, creating their own menu for 70 guests to sample and rate their dishes.

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Le Masurier: “Le Masurier was delighted to support Kitchen Inferno for a third successive year. It was a great night and I very much enjoyed relaxing and eating rather than cooking this time. A considerable sum has once again been raised for Jersey Cheshire Home, which does so much unseen hard work for Islanders.”

The event was lucky to receive the input of industry stars, such as Masterchef’s John Torode and Ormer Restaurant’s Michelin Star Chef Shaun Rankin.

Event: Slovenia Trek (2015)

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director of Le Masurier, took part in a second expedition, this time to the Eastern outpost of the alps, in Slovenia. This trek included the 2,000m accent to Mont Vogel’s summit and on to the Vratka Pass.

Event: Kerala Trek (2013)

As part of Jersey Cheshire Home’s 30th Anniversary, a number of fundraising activities were undertaken for the charity. This included the Trek Kerala; a gruelling five day trek in the Kerala region on the south west cost of India. Le Masurier’s Managing Director, Brian McCarthy participated in the trek, taking on the both the personal and physical challenges.

The trek saw the teams travelling up through the tea estates, cardamom plantations and paddy fields of South India’s dramatic mountain scenery. Brian’s fundraising amounted to £26,000, with the funds going towards a new lift into the Home for residents. This money made a significant difference to the running of the Home and brought benefits to both the carers and the residence.

The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity, focusing on what really matters to survivors, their families and carers. The Associations research programme relies on voluntary donations and seeks to provide support to the survivors of this devastating issue.

Support: Hydrotherapy pool sessions

The Stroke Association offer a weekly aqua-therapy class for stroke survivors enabling them to work with a physiotherapist within a warm pool environment at Jersey Cheshire Homes. The group offers a structured exercise programme suited to the needs of each individual stroke survivor whilst in a warm pool environment which fully supports the client reducing the risk of injury. Le Masurier has committed to sponsoring a programme of classes, relieving the burden on the charity.


GAIN (Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies) help people living in the UK and Ireland who have been affected by Guillain-Barre syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP) and other associated inflammatory neuropathies.

Support: Website and brand refresh

Le Masurier heard about GAIN in early 2017. As a rare and little known disease, GAIN is on a mission to raise awareness within the medical profession and the public.

Their aim is to improve outcomes by facilitating earlier diagnosis in sufferers. GAIN have a campaign to raise their profile and Le Masurier supported them by funding a brand refresh and website transformation to give them a much needed update.

ACES Marketing worked with Le Masurier on their branding and website and are now working with GAIN on this project. It is particularly pertinent for them as one of the ACES directors has personal experience of Guillain-Barre syndrome, having seen a close family member suffer this debilitating illness in 2016.

Support: Raising awareness

As port of GAIN’s mission to raise awareness about Guillain-Barré syndrome and it’s related illnesses, they have appointed football manager and former player Lee Clark as ambassador. They filmed a series of short videos describing how GBS affected his father, offering advice and sharing his experiences. They hope that this will help people affected by GBS find the information they need and give them some support.

Read more about Lee Clark working with GAIN.

Or view all the films on YouTube.

Caring Cooks

Le Masurier are delighted to announce they are launch partner for ‘Who Gives a Fork?’, which is a new and unique fundraising campaign from Caring Cooks.

Support: Raising funds

The campaign, which will run annually, between October and December, will develop a great synergy between restaurants and cafés serving delicious home cooked food to their customers and the charity.

They want children to be able to enjoy the same experience at school and at home, and give them the healthiest start to life possible. Le Masurier are delighted to be launch partner for this innovative fund raiser to help Caring Cooks continue their fantastic work on the Island.


Halkett Hoedown

The Halkett Hoedown is an biennial street party and live music festival in Jersey. It is all run by volunteers and raises money for local charities. It is a good opportunity to donate, sponsor, have a dance, listen to great music and showcase local talent.

Many charities have benefitted from this including: Headway Jersey, Brig Y Don Children’s Charity, The British Heart Foundation Jersey Branch, MENCAP Jersey, Jersey Alzheimers Association and Acorn Industries.

Support: Raising Funds

Le Masurier – ‘In Tune with the Jersey Community’ were delighted to sponsor the Youth Art Stage at the Halkett Hoedown.

With help from Blank Canvas winner Diogo Abreu, a fantastic stage was created as a platform for many established and up and coming artists.