Le Masurier engages with local charities and form partnerships to make lives better. People are at the heart of Le Masurier initiatives, aiding in the care of those who have suffered a life changing condition and giving consideration to the wider families of those affected. Le Masurier supports development in education, sports and the arts.


GAIN (Guillain-Barré & Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies) help people living in the UK and Ireland who have been affected by Guillain-Barre syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP) and other associated inflammatory neuropathies.

Support: Website and brand refresh

Le Masurier heard about GAIN in early 2017. As a rare and little known disease, GAIN is on a mission to raise awareness with the medical profession and the public. Their aim is to improve outcomes by facilitating earlier diagnosis in sufferers. GAIN are planning a campaign to raise their profile and Le Masurier are supporting them in this by funding a brand refresh and website transformation to give them a more professional image from the start.

ACES Marketing worked with Le Masurier on their branding and website and are now working with GAIN on this project. It is particularly pertinent for them as one of the ACES directors has personal experience of Guillain-Barre syndrome, having seen a close family member suffer this debilitating illness in 2016.

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas was a competition created by Le Masurier in partnership with the JCG Foundation. Schools and students had a chance to win a total of £3000 and produce three works of art for the new Le Masurier Headquarters.

Support: Funding and promotion

Art students from all local schools, facilitated by the JCG Foundation, had the opportunity to take part in an exciting competition to provide the new Le Masurier Headquarters with artwork inspired by an eclectic mix of styles.

The cash prizes help the winning students and schools continue with their passion for art. Both the Le Masurier team and JCG Foundation are thrilled that Jersey-based artist Jason Butler very kindly agreed to help judge the competition.

We were looking for three works of art to hang in the new Le Masurier Headquarters in St Helier. Created by local students, the works of art were to portray different areas of the Le Masurier Brand.


Jersey Alzheimer’s Association

Jersey Alzheimer’s Association is a breakaway from the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK. The aim of this breakaway, was to become a local charity, run by local people, for local people. The charity provides help and support to local people living with dementia and their families in a number of ways.

Event: Recharger day

Le Masurier met with the team at Jersey Alzheimer’s Association to discuss where the biggest difference could be made. It became apparent soon after, that the effects of this condition have a far greater impact upon the friends and family of those affected than first thought. When someone has Alzheimer’s, they become increasingly reliant upon their carer, whether that be their spouse or their children.

To help, Le Masurier is organising the reChARgER day; a series of activities and treats, dedicated to taking care of the carers. The inaugural Le Masurier Recharger Day will take place on Saturday 13th October. Using the Radisson Hotel as a base to provide a day for Carers to relax and recharge. We have been fortunate to receive the support of The Mansell Collection, Radisson Hotel Spa, local talent and others to provide the recharging day for Carers.

Jersey Cheshire Home

Jersey Cheshire Home is the only residential facility for physically disabled adults in Jersey. The charity works to provide care and support to those living with a range of disabilities including Parkinson’s and Stroke victims. The Home relies heavily on donations and has been a partner of Le Masurier for numerous fundraising events.

Event: The Annual Kitchen Inferno (2013-2015)

Le Masurier was inaugural and lead sponsor of the Kitchen Inferno event for three consecutive years, raising over £40,000 for Jersey Cheshire Home. The challenge puts 16 novice chefs head-to-head in 2 teams, creating their own menu for 70 guests to sample and rate their dishes.

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Le Masurier: “Le Masurier was delighted to support Kitchen Inferno for a third successive year. It was a great night and I very much enjoyed relaxing and eating rather than cooking this time. A considerable sum has once again been raised for Jersey Cheshire Home, which does so much unseen hard work for Islanders.”

The event has been lucky to receive the input of industry stars, such as Masterchef’s John Torode and Ormer Restaurant’s Michelin Star Chef Shaun Rankin.

Event: Slovenia Trek (2015)

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director of Le Masurier, took part in a second expedition, this time to the Eastern outpost of the alps, in Slovenia. This trek included the 2,000m accent to Mont Vogel’s summit and on to the Vratka Pass.

Event: Kerala Trek (2013)

As part of Jersey Cheshire Home’s 30th Anniversary, a number of fundraising activities were undertaken for the charity. This included the Trek Kerala; a gruelling five day trek in the Kerala region on the south west cost of India. Le Masurier’s Managing Director, Brian McCarthy participated in the trek, taking on the both the personal and physical challenges.

The trek saw the teams travelling up through the tea estates, cardamom plantations and paddy fields of South India’s dramatic mountain scenery. Brian’s fundraising amounted to £26,000, with the funds going towards a new lift into the Home for residents. This money made a significant difference to the running of the Home and brought benefits to both the carers and the residence.

The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity, focusing on what really matters to survivors, their families and carers. The Associations research programme relies on voluntary donations and seeks to provide support to the survivors of this devastating issue.

Support: Hydrotherapy pool sessions

The Stroke Association offer a weekly aqua-therapy class for stroke survivors enabling them to work with a physiotherapist within a warm pool environment at Jersey Cheshire Homes. The group offers a structured exercise programme suited to the needs of each individual stroke survivor whilst in a warm pool environment which fully supports the client reducing the risk of injury. Le Masurier has committed to sponsoring a programme of classes, relieving the burden on the charity.