We are proud to announce the Le Masurier ‘Blank Canvas’ Competition in partnership with the JCG Foundation. You have a chance to win £1,000 and have your artwork displayed in the new Le Masurier Headquarters as part of our Community Engagement programme.

about the competition

The ‘Blank Canvas’ Competition Launches in Jersey in September 2017.

Art students from all local schools, facilitated by the JCG Foundation, will have the opportunity to take part in this exciting competition to provide the new Le Masurier Headquarters with artwork inspired by an eclectic mix of styles. The cash prizes will be used to help the winning students and schools continue with their passion for art. Both the Le Masurier team and JCG Foundation are thrilled to announce that Jersey-based artist Jason Butler has very kindly agreed to help us judge the competition.

‘I was delighted when Le Masurier approached me to help with judging this unique competition. It is inspiring that as part of its CSR initiatives Le Masurier have come up with such a great concept to engage local art students and schools. I very much look forward to judging and awarding the fantastic prizes with the Le Masurier team at the end of the year.’ Jason Butler


what do we need?

We are looking for three works of art to hang in the new Le Masurier Headquarters in St Helier. Created by local students, these works of art should portray different areas of the Le Masurier Brand.

Art students from all local schools, facilitated by the JCG Foundation, will have the opportunity to take part in this exciting competition to provide the new Le Masurier Headquarters with artwork inspired by an eclectic mix of styles and funding to help the winning students and schools continue with their passion for art.

Artwork 1: Reception Area – Community Engagement

Dimensions: 6ft wide x 3.5ft high.
Subject: graphically interpret the Le Masurier community engagement initiative under its 3 key areas: People, Planet, Partners.

We are looking for a compelling piece of art that provides our visitors with the Le Masurier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) story and explains that, to the Le Masurier team, CSR is more than 3 letters! The piece needs to show what we do to support the community we live and work in. This piece should explain what our CSR objectives are achieving and create a talking point for us to engage with local organisations focusing on People, Planet and Partners. To understand the Le Masurier CSR Strategy and sub-brand please visit www.lemasurier.co.uk/engagement

Suggested style: James Rosenquist

In the Reception area we are looking for a bold, colourful design that is inspired by the giant billboard-sized paintings made in the 1960s by the American artist James Rosenquist. You might like to begin by making a photo-collage, then scaling up part of the composition, as Rosenquist did in his sketchbooks.

Artwork 2: Meeting Room – The Le Masurier Business Today

Dimensions: 3ft 10” wide x 3.5ft high.
Subject: This art work needs to present what we do as property investors and developers.

It could be architectural, city skyline, buildings under construction etc. To understand the Le Masurier business and where we work, please visit www.lemasurier.co.uk/about-us

Suggested style: Georgia O’Keeffe

For our Meeting Room, we would love a large design to depict what Le Masurier does today. In the style of Georgia O’Keeffe (City skyscrapers/skyline). Of note is her skill at depicting the buildings in the Precisionist style. She also made atmospheric cityscapes of her view of the East River and smoke-emitting factories in Queens.

Artwork 3: Board Room – The Le Masurier Heritage

Dimensions: 13ft wide x 3ft high.

Subject: Art work to present the Le Masurier unique history from 1835 to date.

This could include key historical moments such as how the business started in wines and spirits, our pubs, the world wars, Fred Clarke and his father being constables of St Helier, Fred meeting the Queen, the tourist heydays of the 1960’s / 70’s with people queuing to get into the pubs, the fire of 1972 which destroyed the Le Masurier office and bottling plant (Bath Street), becoming a property company in 2002 with property in Jersey, UK and Europe. For inspiration, please visit lemasurier.co.uk/history

Suggested style: Abram Games

The Boardroom needs a striking graphic design that will show a visual timeline to illustrate the history of Le Masurier, paying homage to the Jersey’s Tourism heyday. This is a great opportunity to artistically celebrate Jersey’s recent past – the tourist heydays of the 1960s and 70s, Occupation and Liberation etc. A good place to start for inspiration is the advertising work of Abram Games and the work he did for the Jersey Tourist Board in the 1950s and 60s. Note his attention to detail in his clever use of imagery and typography – for instance, in one design the beach umbrella is actually a rain brolly!

who is involved?

Le Masurier working with JCG Foundation

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we are giving young artists an opportunity to create something that will be seen for years to come. Our CSR ethos is People, Partner, Planet and this falls under the ‘People’ category.


The Le Masurier team, in partnership with the JCG Foundation, are delighted esteemed artist Jason Butler has kindly agreed to help the Le Masurier Board judge the Blank Canvas competition.

Education Ambassador

We are thrilled that Tim Barnett, Head of Art at JCG will help us coordinate and communicate with all local schools.

Media Partners

Gallery magazine are proud to be media partners for this competition supporting student creativity.

the prizes

Win for yourself & your school

Each category will be judged separately. The 3 Winners of the different categories will receive £500 each and £500 for their school. A Runner up prize for each category of £200 will also be awarded.

how to enter

To enter please submit an A3 full colour design with the attached entry form completed by Friday 1st December to:

Le Masurier Blank Canvas Competition,

25 Commercial St, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3RU.


1. The Winner will be announced at a prize giving at Le Masurier Head Office on Friday 15th December when the 3 canvases will be presented for the 3 winning artworks to commence work on their individual pieces.

2. Prizes will be given by cheque or bank transfer to your School on the day the winners are announced.

3. The 3 finished pieces will be unveiled at a reception at the Le Masurier in May 2018.

Terms and Conditions

1. This competition is open to all Jersey Art Students age 12 to 18.

2. Le Masurier will own the winning pieces and hang in their offices.

3. If you are studying Art at GCSE or A level, the work you do for this competition may be used as part of your coursework folder, depending on which Exam syllabus your school follows, and at the discretion of your Art teachers.

4. Some schools may wish to offer the competition as a class project, we will accept individual artist or group artist entries.

The Ethos Behind Our Community Engagement Programme

Making regular contributions and giving support to local and national causes, we see our role as leading by example.
We are proud to be a business based in Jersey and fortunate enough to be able to give something back to our community.

CSR, to us it’s more than just letters.