Le Masurier Limited is a property investment company based in Jersey. It was established in 1835 and continues to be exclusively owned by the Clarke family.

It is one of the oldest privately owned property companies in the island with real estate assets located in Jersey, the United Kingdom and throughout Continental Europe. Le Masurier’s history, up until 2002, was in the wines and spirits industry run by a succession of family members all named Fred Clarke.

The first Fred Clarke came to Jersey with his father from Devon in the 1800’s and by the turn of the century had established a wine and spirit business in Pitt Street, St Helier. He subsequently formed a partnership with Charles Le Masurier and created Le Masurier Ltd in 1911. He remained head of the company until his death in 1935. His son, Fred R Clarke, worked in the company and also established the first motorbus service in 1909.

Fred W Clarke joined the company in 1931 and on the death of his grandfather took control and led the company through the dark days of the Occupation and by careful management, into the benefits of post war recovery. The next Fred P W Clarke took control of the company from his father and continued to modernise the business, reacting to the decline in tourism and going forward recognising the change in trade and the growth of supermarkets. He was instrumental in the development of Grande Marché on Rue Le Masurier, and the supermarket and office buildings were only completed shortly before he died in 2001.

In 2002, following a strategic review, the Clarke family decided to exit from the wines and spirits business as they felt that the industry was in decline. Over the years they had bought buildings adjacent to their trading operations and had built up a significant property portfolio. This created the foundations for the transition into a property investment company.

Since 2002, Le Masurier has diversified through substantial property investment throughout the UK and Continental Europe and they are now one of Jersey’s largest private land owners.