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Le Masuriers J1 Skills & Training Initiative Sponsorship of Careers Jersey

The Le Masurier J1 Skills & Training Initiative has launched a series of videos to help prepare people for work. The Careers Jersey on-line resource provides guidance on interview skills to help job seekers of all ages.

Le Masurier are proud that their sponsorship has enabled the four videos to be provided free of charge on the States of Jersey website.

The first video demonstrates ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ behave in an interview for an apprenticeship. The second provides guidance to university applicants undergoing interviews and a third illustrates a corporate panel interview for an experienced adult. The fourth video features representatives from local industry providing top tips on how to impress, and classic mistakes to avoid in interviews.

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director of Le Masurier said “Our J1 Skills and Training framework aims to provide a breadth of initiatives to support Jersey’s community ranging from education, careers support, work placements and direct local employment. We are delighted to have provided support to this particular project, which we hope will benefit many islanders, of all ages”.

Jenny O’Brien, Project Manager at Careers Jersey explained the rationale behind the project “After searching for suitable videos to illustrate key interview skills, we found nothing that matched our needs. We therefore saw this as an opportunity to tailor-make a series of resources that are useful to people at various stages of their career.”

She continued “With the current employment market we have seen a sharp increase in Islanders of all ages looking for help preparing for interviews, many of whom haven’t been through the job application process for many years, if at all”.

The videos, produced by Freedom Media, feature well-known local stars of media and stage, Channel Television and Channel 103FM presenter Jenny Mullin, and JADC performer and current Bird College student Jonny Labey as interviewees. The third interviewee, Alfie Balston, who demonstrates good and bad interview techniques when applying for university, has proven his knowledge of this subject, securing a place at medical school in London.

Jeremy Field, Education Liaison Manager at Careers Jersey added “We work closely with the careers teachers from all the Island’s secondary schools and colleges, and have designed the videos to help the next generation of job seekers to communicate their skills and competencies effectively”.

The videos can be accessed online at